23 July 2012 @ 11:14 am
Wow at this point, I'm surprised Firefox even remembered my username for this account. It feels like it's been sooo long since I didn't just go right to my roleplaying journals...

So it's been a while, yes? And in that time, shock of all shocks, things actually happened for me instead of the usual languishing about making promises I don't ever keep. I got my license and a car, for starters. ♥ So my next step is to get a steadier job so that Kat and I are making an appropriate amount of money, save UP said money, get her through a hairdressing school, and move out.~ I'm currently broke and without what used to be a fairly impressive store of stashed-away money due to getting a car (2k out of pocket) and insurance (1.5k out of pocket, currently making payments to cover the other 1.5k that my insurance ended up being) but I couldn't be happier about the freedom having a license and a vehicle gives me. ;-; Now I can finally work out of town/out of access of public transport, so that means I just have to man up enough to make some calls and do some interviews, and I'll be well on my way to making enough to help support my girlfriend and I in our own apartment. ♥

I've been gone largely because of roleplaying, to be completely honest. Everyone uses the site Plurk to keep in contact and I've been blown away by how convenient it is! It's sort of like Twitter, if Twitter were infinitely more useful and allowed you to have conversations on individual tweets instead of an endless feed of ≤140 characters. My name there is operapaintingandmurder, in case any of you people would like to add me there/are interested in making accounts/etc. I'll add anyone, seriously, I've found its format - for whatever reason - is even less intimidating to me than DW as far as meeting new people. It feels very conversational because of the response times, I suppose? It's like a chatroom but with less penises.

So that...is the story of how Kathryn lost her concentration and abandoned her dreamwidth account for a month or so. Sorry to anyone who actually recalls me/missed me. :X

Seriously though, add me on Plurk if you have an account. Or make one if you don't. It's awesome. /shot
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