oftheuniverse: (Avatar | Zuko Aang oldfashioned)
Ganesha the Viking ([personal profile] oftheuniverse) wrote on October 1st, 2012 at 03:18 pm
LOL YES. It's been hard for me to talk about myself online, I suddenly feel very exposed all over again - that and being online too long lately makes me incredibly depressed, I've been...having a really shitty time as of late despite how comparatively successful my job has been going. Kat is also alive but mostly only posting on Plurk (rarely) and her blog (hardly more freqently). We both sort of accidentally dropped of the face of the earth except RPing since May but we're back. :'D

That and real life things have been crazy as well!

I'll have to share my twitter with you at some point then! I'm pretty sure it's the same as this account but with a _ at the front.

And thank you! They were taking it too seriously for me; unfortunately that seems to be the encouraged norm in most games on Dreamwidth. Weird.
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