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Ganesha the Viking ([personal profile] oftheuniverse) wrote2013-02-15 01:38 pm
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IIIIIIIII'm movin out (Ezra's Song)

So! There's always a myriad of reasons as to why this journal isn't updated with any regularity or frequency (mostly consisting of "I didn't want to" "my coffee got cold" or "the cat was sitting in my lap so I couldn't get up") but for the past two weeks, I only got internet back as of this Tuesday, because my fiancee and I moved out. That's right, the thing I've been talking about and praying for and losing sleep worrying about since a time before I even got this account has finally happened.

We've got a roommate and our lovely feline Jasmine is still thankfully with us, one $250 non-refundable-but-completely-worth-it pet deposit later. Laundry is a pain and yet easier and quicker (albeit astronomically expensive compared to even what I was expecting) due to us needing to use a laundromat. I'm actually really enjoying HAVING to be away from the computer for so long, for daily chores and upkeep to so wholly encroach on my daily life that I hardly have room anymore for too much lolling about in front of the dull glare of my monitor. In fact I'm on the laptop right now, my desktop sitting proud but less-used on a desk without a chair, a makeshift stool and upturned tote box holding the keyboard and mouse. Everything looks different through the glasses of this being a different environment, and I'm still getting used to how I function in this new setting. It feels unreal but incredibly easy, a pain in the ass but a worthwhile one. I can't say I adore doing dishes in one large load and then scattered scrubbings throughout the day after meals and snacks (no more dishwasher) but it's doing wonders for getting me up off my ass and doing something. Kat and I have even started making promises to go for walks more, something we haven't bothered doing since I got my car...last June.

Two weeks is enough to let me know that I need to start budgeting food money (and communicating to the roommate just how much she should owe my fiancee and I for all the essentials of ours she keeps eating) a lot tighter, but we're in no dire straights.

I'd say I can't believe I've come this far, but it feels so surprisingly easy and natural, like taking your first breath of air, I suppose. This apartment is already safer and kinder to live in than my parents' house has felt in years, and I'm ready to keep working on making it our home.
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[personal profile] feralkiss 2013-02-15 09:15 pm (UTC)(link)
I misread the small text on your icon as "I had an intestine tumour today".
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Happy to hear that you guys finally managed to get your own place! :D I wish you guys all the best as you turn the new apartment into a home.
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I know I'm a bit tardy to the party (but then, I always am), but it's pretty awesome that you guys got a place of your own.

[Also, I'll tell you the same thing I told Kat: Hey there stranger! It's been a while. You and Kat popped into my head recently, which made me go clicking through both your abandoned LJs. I knew you guys were over here, but I hadn't really looked for you before because I didn't have a DW account until very recently. Now that I've actually searched you out I decided it was time to friend you. :) ]
[Also, also, I sent you a friends request on FB, too. I think I got lost in a friends cut.]