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aeternum ([personal profile] aeternum) wrote on February 26th, 2013 at 12:30 am
I'm here for you, if you need one ear or two to make your internal space known, your problems and feelings, and your victories and joys. I love you with the same intensity as a sister, and my door is nothing short of open to you and your trials, if not for Reiki, then for hugs; if not for hugs, then for talking. From the outside looking in, you radiate with the intensity of a capable individual. Sometimes it's hard to know when something's wrong, and it's intimidating to approach you when you seem angry.

Kat made a good statement on your FB page, that everyone wishes they could psychically know when something's up, and it's true. I wish I could. I'm here if you need me, my friend, but only if you reach out. In the mean time, good vibes are on their way to you until I see you next and give you a squeeze. I love you.
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