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PKMN Trainer KAT wants to battle! ([personal profile] badkarma) wrote on May 13th, 2013 at 03:51 pm
Firstly I think talking in person is the best idea; it's less exhausting having a conversation take place in an hour than over the course of days. Maybe offer to hang out, take her to Starbs or something, or bring her by the apt when I'm not home and you're free? Idk I think telling her that its really rude and hurtful to be spoken ofthe way she's doing is necessary; she can't continue living with the idea that she xs get away with talking about people like this in public without repercussions. If she hopes to ever gain social skills, she needs to know that this behavior is bad.

And, she needs to know that she's burning one of the few people left in this world that genuinely cares about her.
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