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2012-10-14 10:52 am

This Boy's In Love

Listening to The Presets this morning and having a lot of thoughts, ideas that have at least the promise of the ability to help me move forward in life.

The internet is a really bizarre thing, internet popularity even moreso. I love being able to see people from so many different walks of life and their interpretations of things, I like digging inside people's heads and abilities and gathering up to myself whatever I find useful. When friendships get forged and then I'm suddenly bored with a particular website, or the internet in general, or I'm simply busy - whatever happens that keeps me offline for extended periods of time, I realise that probably makes me some sort of bad internet friend.

On the other hand, the internet is just to supplement real life, not replace it, and I'm trying to convince myself it's okay to shuffle through and past different facets of this place as suit me.

Going through someone's tumblr and the books I'm reading right now/were gifted for my birthday have made me want to draw, ahh. There's a lovely feeling. I've lost most of the talent I used to have for it, having spent so much time just writing and typing. The last real undertaking I did was an acrylic painting of Ganesha, which admittedly went well but I count as more of a fluke. xD

That's another thing! Real mediums are so much more engaging to work with on occasion, even if my tablet is very very handy, especially for things like sketching out characters for nonsense fandom things.~ But it's hard to transfer in-person paintings and sketches reliably online to share, something which makes the creative process a lot more engaging for me. I might have to start actually using my tumblr for my art if I want to share it - now there's a weird thought. So far it's been almost nothing but endless reblogs, it'll feel weird to have original content there. xD But I much prefer it to deviantArt at this point, so...
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2011-12-12 01:43 pm


I'm having far, far too much fun writing a bit of fic for my girlfriend about two characters of ours that we usually use for roleplaying. ♥ I prefer roleplaying when I want interaction, and it's nice to get constant feedback (in the form of replies if nothing else) but there's something about controlling all involved characters and being able to have a steady style and my own choice of pacing that really is appealing. ;0; I just wish it wasn't set in a strange AU with two characters from very different fandom sources and a gay PWP with a pretense of plot, as well *shot* so that I could actually post it somewhere for other feedback, but oh well. xD

I've also taken to pretending I'm going to get better at drawing, and have been sketching quite a lot in the past few days (as compared to the quantity of illustrations I was producing weekly before, which was a fairly even average of 'none'). Mostly of different styles butchering the possible ways of rendering the Beatles (mainly George, poor guy) and, in a twist, Lady Gaga. I don't know, she's got a fairly distinct facial structure/body type that sticks out to me, and then there's of course the fact that her outfits and hair are always ridiculous and therefore let me practice a lot of different things while using the same source (and getting better at consistently drawing the same person). I feel a bit silly, but I find random crappy sheets of computer paper easier to sketch on than my actual sketch book. :( I think it's because of the way it bends out; it's not spiral-bound and therefore kinda hard to lay flat.

Also, 35 hours of work scheduled this week; which I'm trying my very best to be optimistic and smart about.~ I've been stretching constantly and I'm actually not in that much pain so far, so I've got high hopes. In the end, it'll help me start replenishing my drained funds from Christmas-shopping (I seriously go overboard when buying gifts for other people, it's just too fun for me D:) which will make me feel a lot better, so. ♥