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2012-09-27 07:28 am

Thoughts on enforcing bad habits of never doing irl things in online communities

Woah, freedom.

I just quit the DW-hosted roleplaying game I've mentioned before - you know, before my other huge hiatus from posting as myself anywhere that didn't have a Twitter-esque character limit. (For all my love of plurk's handiness for communicating to the masses, I've been slowly beginning to miss talking at length.)

I have to say, my drive for writing has been dying lately, mostly due to the time constraints and oddly enough, quotas placed on people in most DW-based games. (You're required to make a certain number of posts a month, which simply is doubled/tripled/as you add more characters, rather than encouraging a small player base with a variety of characters to prevent boredom for the writers/realism since not every type of character would be involved in every type of plot.) I assume it comes from the average roleplayer being someone with, well, a lot of free time to spend online. But when you're in a committed relationship and have some nice real life friends, or even just want to read real books and not fic some days, it suddenly becomes exponentially harder to keep up with 10+ (even 20+) threads/individual storylines at once. A hobby should be something that's done as just that, something you enjoy in your free time, not something you need to MAKE time for or go out of your way to accomodate in your schedule. I found myself apologising for my absence more and more and even taking a hiatus didn't work, so.

Did I mention I became a 'maintenance mod' there? Although I had all the responsibilities of the main mods (reviewing apps, adding tags in comms, editing entries, etc) I didn't have as much...sway in things? And I was afraid of stepping on toes, plus I didn't want to make it my game because I already had a brain baby of an idea with Kat that I'd rather spend my time cultivating.

Kat was someone I had to sort of wheedle into joining, and she's been miserable since before she even did so, and her finally admitting she'd like to quit was what let me realise it would be okay if I did - since I didn't want to leave her high and dry if she wasn't prepared to leave, especially as I was one of the few muns who interacted with her character as if he wasn't the Plague. So we both quit yesterday amid one mod seeming...upset, one being placated quickly enough, and the other (now ex) mod not appearing to have an opinion. u_u

I'll miss the relationships and storylines I had built there, but I can always continue that with them on our own time in memes/other places if they enjoyed them also. Really I just can't handle the structure of roleplays here - they seem specifically designed to encourage people into bad computer habits. It teaches everyone that you NEED to post a certain amount of times and makes it into a job, something that a casual roleplayer would be turned off by - Kat and I actually had a friend refuse to app because of how the comm is run. On the plus side, I finally found a truly laid back community that doesn't lie to the players, is friendly and has no 'timeline' of a day-to-day ratio between in- and out of-game , I just don't...understand the need for timing things. So yeah. :'D

In other news, work is going fantastically, although it needs to go even better before I can move out! That or Kat and I need a third roommate to rent with, aha. But it's going very well and I'm basically the 'lead' massage therapist at this point - I work four days a week while no one else works more than one, and I'm guaranteed a certain amount of hours' worth of pay regardless of the hours I work. (Which I am slowly climbing above! We're slowly growing the client base and it's a great feeling to see my work paying off. ;-; <3 It's lovely doing something I'm passionate about and confident in as a job.)
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2012-07-23 11:14 am


Wow at this point, I'm surprised Firefox even remembered my username for this account. It feels like it's been sooo long since I didn't just go right to my roleplaying journals...

So it's been a while, yes? And in that time, shock of all shocks, things actually happened for me instead of the usual languishing about making promises I don't ever keep. I got my license and a car, for starters. ♥ So my next step is to get a steadier job so that Kat and I are making an appropriate amount of money, save UP said money, get her through a hairdressing school, and move out.~ I'm currently broke and without what used to be a fairly impressive store of stashed-away money due to getting a car (2k out of pocket) and insurance (1.5k out of pocket, currently making payments to cover the other 1.5k that my insurance ended up being) but I couldn't be happier about the freedom having a license and a vehicle gives me. ;-; Now I can finally work out of town/out of access of public transport, so that means I just have to man up enough to make some calls and do some interviews, and I'll be well on my way to making enough to help support my girlfriend and I in our own apartment. ♥

I've been gone largely because of roleplaying, to be completely honest. Everyone uses the site Plurk to keep in contact and I've been blown away by how convenient it is! It's sort of like Twitter, if Twitter were infinitely more useful and allowed you to have conversations on individual tweets instead of an endless feed of ≤140 characters. My name there is operapaintingandmurder, in case any of you people would like to add me there/are interested in making accounts/etc. I'll add anyone, seriously, I've found its format - for whatever reason - is even less intimidating to me than DW as far as meeting new people. It feels very conversational because of the response times, I suppose? It's like a chatroom but with less penises.

So that...is the story of how Kathryn lost her concentration and abandoned her dreamwidth account for a month or so. Sorry to anyone who actually recalls me/missed me. :X

Seriously though, add me on Plurk if you have an account. Or make one if you don't. It's awesome. /shot
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2012-04-29 09:47 pm
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After spending most of this year so far keeping my eye out for a potential roleplay to join, I've finally found one (I hope)! I'm still waiting on Kat to look it over and decide if she'll be applying with me, but I couldn't help it and I started my application already. And holy cripes, it's the most in-depth thing I've ever seen. And despite how much I'm being encouraged to write a lot on it and be very thorough, I'm still a little worried I'll write TOO much! xD

Because of a combination of things, I'm applying as Hannibal first and foremost. He's been my main muse as of late, and because of the comm's strict rules about keeping fandom characters canon, he's the only one I'm confident sending in so far. (My others - House and Jadzia - I changed greatly from the source material, to make them work in the words they were being applied to. I'd need to seriously re-think their basics and then specifics, essentially building them from the ground up again, to apply as them. At least so far. Until I know the world a bit better and the mods at ALL, I'm keeping to my unexpected pet muse. ♥)

Also, it's not even 10pm yet and I'm on the computer like a naughty teenager after lights-out, because Kat fell asleep on me a half hour ago after one last episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender. xD She's so cute. ♥ I feel bad that she works so much, though. D: I wish I still worked at Dunk's sometimes just to take a day from her now and then to give her a quick vacation.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by with some useless good-mooded rambling.
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2011-12-12 01:43 pm


I'm having far, far too much fun writing a bit of fic for my girlfriend about two characters of ours that we usually use for roleplaying. ♥ I prefer roleplaying when I want interaction, and it's nice to get constant feedback (in the form of replies if nothing else) but there's something about controlling all involved characters and being able to have a steady style and my own choice of pacing that really is appealing. ;0; I just wish it wasn't set in a strange AU with two characters from very different fandom sources and a gay PWP with a pretense of plot, as well *shot* so that I could actually post it somewhere for other feedback, but oh well. xD

I've also taken to pretending I'm going to get better at drawing, and have been sketching quite a lot in the past few days (as compared to the quantity of illustrations I was producing weekly before, which was a fairly even average of 'none'). Mostly of different styles butchering the possible ways of rendering the Beatles (mainly George, poor guy) and, in a twist, Lady Gaga. I don't know, she's got a fairly distinct facial structure/body type that sticks out to me, and then there's of course the fact that her outfits and hair are always ridiculous and therefore let me practice a lot of different things while using the same source (and getting better at consistently drawing the same person). I feel a bit silly, but I find random crappy sheets of computer paper easier to sketch on than my actual sketch book. :( I think it's because of the way it bends out; it's not spiral-bound and therefore kinda hard to lay flat.

Also, 35 hours of work scheduled this week; which I'm trying my very best to be optimistic and smart about.~ I've been stretching constantly and I'm actually not in that much pain so far, so I've got high hopes. In the end, it'll help me start replenishing my drained funds from Christmas-shopping (I seriously go overboard when buying gifts for other people, it's just too fun for me D:) which will make me feel a lot better, so. ♥
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2011-11-08 11:23 am

Possible New Roleplaying Comm?

I think I've mentioned this before (okay, definitely have) but Kat ([personal profile] badkarma) and I run a very small-scale roleplay set in a rehab/psychiatric hospital, open to both live-in and outpatients of varying degrees of severity. (Currently we have a serial killer Hannibal Lecter as well as someone just suffering from anxiety/insomnia/PTSD a very AU and time-changed George Harrison, for an example.) It's very laid-back and there's a lot of joking about with the character journals sometimes, even if the plots themselves tend to be serious.

If anyone's interested, it can be found here. As I said, it's pretty calm as RPs go (currently only four members, though as I personally play three characters and Kat plays two, it's less dead than that suggests) and while the profile etc is still under construction, the RP was live and well on Livejournal and our storylines are currently three years old as of this October, so I could expand on anything that anyone has questions on - if someone's interested in joining.~

However I'm a huuuuuuuge sucker for open-ended, end-of-the-world type scenarios and my fiancée and I have been chewing on an idea for a new RP. We're both fans of convenient!mutations due to [insert plot device here] that nontheless gets to be handled in a serious setting, and we're thinking of creating an RP where a nuclear plant of some kind malfunctions, killing or mutating everyone in a certain radius (probably the size of a small country), but which leaves people on the outside unaffected and terrified of the people who were hit. So there'd be in-world politics going on about what to do with the mutated people, a protected border (which means limited supplies, etc) - it seems like it might need a lot of planning and tweaking but I think it might be worth it if it seems like others would be interested. xD We're undecided as to the location of the blast, but it's looking like it may be a European country.

It's a little bit inspired from a roleplay back on Livejournal that included a complete post-apocalyptic setting with most of the world's population dying out/everyelse being 'changed', but we thought the continuation of civilization outside the RP walls made for better possibilities of where the RP would go.

That and, while Kat and I want others in on the Gale Hospital RP, we worry it's a bit boring/slow/intimidating towards potential new recruits (as Kat and I know each other very well, and the only other members are a mutual friend of ours, and then that friend's friend). Starting new with a set storyline and with a gimmick like superpowers *shot* might help things along, nevermind that I kind of miss that setting from LJ and would love the chance to improve upon it. :) Especially considering the slightly-similar one on LJ was very poorly run and didn't have the best group in it, to be honest.

Anyway. I wanted to post about this to the [community profile] storytellers community, but it looks a bit dead and I'm nervous about the reception, in some way? So I thought I'd post about the idea to my journal first to get a chance to see our til-now just verbal ideas actually written out. I'll probably be at least attempting to bounce this idea off of more people in the coming days, but... Any RPers out there: opinions?
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2011-10-05 03:48 pm
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First Post?

I made this account along with Kat awhile ago, in the event that LJ ever became unusable and...it looks like we're getting to that point. There's too many bad attitudes and policing going on over there and after reading up on this site...it sounds like a more heartfelt sort of thing anyway. :)

And since apparently you can have 'parent' accounts over here, it sounds like it would be FAR superior as far as roleplaying is concerned! I heard I canimport all my journal entries and comments but I'm not sure how, so I'll probably be attempting that later.

This could be a nice new start for me. :)