29 April 2012 @ 09:47 pm
After spending most of this year so far keeping my eye out for a potential roleplay to join, I've finally found one (I hope)! I'm still waiting on Kat to look it over and decide if she'll be applying with me, but I couldn't help it and I started my application already. And holy cripes, it's the most in-depth thing I've ever seen. And despite how much I'm being encouraged to write a lot on it and be very thorough, I'm still a little worried I'll write TOO much! xD

Because of a combination of things, I'm applying as Hannibal first and foremost. He's been my main muse as of late, and because of the comm's strict rules about keeping fandom characters canon, he's the only one I'm confident sending in so far. (My others - House and Jadzia - I changed greatly from the source material, to make them work in the words they were being applied to. I'd need to seriously re-think their basics and then specifics, essentially building them from the ground up again, to apply as them. At least so far. Until I know the world a bit better and the mods at ALL, I'm keeping to my unexpected pet muse. ♥)

Also, it's not even 10pm yet and I'm on the computer like a naughty teenager after lights-out, because Kat fell asleep on me a half hour ago after one last episode of Avatar: the Last Airbender. xD She's so cute. ♥ I feel bad that she works so much, though. D: I wish I still worked at Dunk's sometimes just to take a day from her now and then to give her a quick vacation.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by with some useless good-mooded rambling.
Current Mood: excited
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